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Company Overview

Headquartered in Sarasota, FL, Clare Controls creates smart security and smart home solutions that blend professional installations with DIY smart home expansion. Clare products and services are offered exclusively through a network of licensed and authorized dealers. US-based ClareCare consumer support ensures client satisfaction. 

Clare presents dealers with a complete wireless security, smart home and surveillance business solution from start to finish. From unique dealer and builder programs, to our flagship ClareOne product line, and our powerful FusionPro backend business solution. At its core, Clare benefits dealers through:

- Open, Cost-Effective Solution: Clare’s smart home and security platform integrates with brands people know and trust.
- Mid-Market Focus: Blending professional installation with DIWM features empowers homeowners to take complete control of their smart home.
- Control4 / Snap One Partnership: Exclusive distribution through Snap One provides a unified up-sell strategy from entry-level to luxury homes using Control4 and OvrC.
- Powerful Backend Software: FusionPro provides a central location for activation, troubleshooting, billing, system analytics, and more.
- Designed by Integrators for Integrators: ClareOne features a simple one-wire installation, supports wide range of voltage, and features industry leading RF range.
- Unique Recurring Monthly Revenue: Help grow your business by capitalizing on RMR with creative service plans at half the cost of competition and reduce your overall origination and operating costs.
- Powerful Business Programs: Use Clare’s builder program, model home program, friends of the industry program, and more to help streamline and grow your business.
- True Market Differentiation: Stand out from your competition with a complete line of products and services.
- Comprehensive Training and Support: Clare offers training through Snap One and a complete support line for dealers.

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Ken Cromwell

Regional Sales Manager at Clare Controls

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Bob DeProspero

Security Sales Manager at Clare Controls